Great success of Argentine conductor Guillermo Scarabino […] An expert in searching instrumental effects, his skill was confirmed by the refined reading of the splendid Petruchka Suite […] Scarabino masters his business […](O. de Greiff, EL TIEMPO, Bogotá).

[…] an excellent interpreter of this [XXth] century’s music[…] Everything sounds incredibly logical and perfectly ensembled. His conducting was brilliant(R. Blanco Villalba, TRIBUNA MUSICAL, Buenos Aires).

The program was closed by Dvorak’s rhapsodic Symphony # 8[…] A beautiful rendering by Scarabino, who made the instruments sing with intense expressive vitality; he bestowed warmth, passion and grandeur upon the Adagio, delicately revealed the third movement and achieved the required glitter from the Finale(F. Heinlein, EL MERCURIO, Santiago de Chile).

[…] he conducted the whole program with a firm hand and an impressive knowledge […] We point it out again: Guillermo Scarabino at the podium is a full guarantee for any symphony orchestra.(N. Cabrera, CLARIN, Buenos Aires).

[…] a big gun […] the Festival Orchestra played very well for Scarabino throughout a demanding evening […] The program closed with a revealing account of the Second Symphony by Lester Trimble […](P. Hume, THE WASHINGTON POST, Washington, D.C.).

Scarabino achieved a high, unquestionable quality level. He is a precise, cultivated, refined, perfectionist conductor.(P. Camps, CLARIN, Buenos Aires).

[…] he disclosed decisive evidence of noble musicianship, lofty interpretive insight and high ranking ability[…] In regard to the Dvorak symphony we may speak simply of a memorable reading […] Therefore the unusually long and enthusiastic ovation the audience granted the conductor and the orchestra.(A. E. Giménez, LA NACION, Buenos Aires).

The work was crisp and precise, the attacks perfect under guest conductor Scarabino, the effect delightful.(L. W. T., THE TICO TIMES, San José de Costa Rica).

The conductor’s endeavours frequently achieved clean, crystal-like textures, as well as thrilling contrasts.(C. Poblete Varas, EL MERCURIO, Valparaiso).

Scarabino’s baton shaped matters with clarity and assurance.(E. Stevanovitch, BUENOS AIRES HERALD, Buenos Aires).

Scarabino showed a solid conducting, achieving strong, undeniably musical versions.(F. Silva Morvan, EL NACIONAL, Caracas).

The Argentine conductor arrived at an exactly phrased and dynamically balanced version[…] his reading referred us to a score possessing classical equilibrium and diaphanous beauty.(R. Ulloa Barrenechea, LA NACION, San José de Costa Rica).

It was a beautiful concert […] Scarabino is a sound musician to whom the orchestra responded with integral solidity […] his version of Schumann’sRhenishsymphony was tonally balanced from the powerful initial theme, through the delicacies of the second and third movements, up to the solemnities of the fourth movement and the luminousFinale. (J.H.D., EL PAIS, Montevideo).

With a precise baton, Scarabino built the piece [Tim Ewer’sAltiplano] towards its animated climax, kept the rippling inner voices in place and allowed the haunting close to make its full impact.(J. Allison, THE TIMES, London)

The Argentine conductor continually drew top-class playing from these youngsters. They twanged out 12-note Ginastera with the ease one might bring to Ellington or McCartney.(R. Dunnett, THE INDEPENDENT, London)

As should happen in any good performance of this music (and this one rated high) [Britten’sWar Requiem] I was left speechless at the end, with tears in my eyes. […] Surely he has never done something better than this perfectly rehearsed, expressive but contained performance, in which every element was not only intellectually understood but also communicated to the artists and the public.(Paul Bardin, for BUENOS AIRES HERALD, Buenos Aires).

At his Teatro Colón appearances he has given proof of his excellent technical gifts and highly esteemed qualities as an interpreter. The artistic outcome of his concerts has been always worth applause.(E. Valenti Ferro, LOS DIRECTORES, Ediciones de Arte Gaglianone, Buenos Aires).