Guillermo Scarabino

Holder of a solid musical and academic training that includes a degree in Composition (Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina) and a M.A. in Music Theory (Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, USA), Guillermo Scarabino was a student of Conducting under Washington Castro, Laszlo Halasz, Igor Markevitch and Hans Svarowsky.

In Argentina he was Music Director of the Mar del Plata and Cuyo National University (Mendoza) symphony orchestras. He appeared as a guest conductor in the Americas and Europe. Conducting the Teatro Colón Academic Orchestra -with which he was associated for seven years since its creation– Scarabino made presentations at the International Festival of Canterbury (England) and at the World Fair of Hannover (Germany).

The pedagogy of Conducting has had particular gravitation in his career. During his stay in Mendoza, he founded summer courses attended by students of several Latin American countries. Later he was in charge of courses of the International Summer Academy of Concepción (Chile), the Inter-American courses of Venezuela sponsored by the Organization of American States, a Regional Program of specialization in orchestral conducting for Fellows of the Antorchas (Argentina), Vitae (Brazil) and Andes (Chile) foundations, a Conducting Seminar in the school of music of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and master classes at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil), Penn State University, University of South Carolina and Illinois State University (USA).

He was Faculty member at the La Plata National University and Catholic University of Argentina, where for ten years he was Dean of the School of Music and is currently Consultant Professor. He was also Dean of the School of Arts of the Cuyo National University. At the Teatro Colon of Buenos Aires, he served as Director of the Institute of Art (ISA) and Director of Artistic Production

He made significant bibliographic contributions, including several articles about analysis and musical hermeneutics, and books on Alberto Ginastera, the Grupo Renovación and Orchestral Conducting, published by EDUCA. He received awards and diplomas of the Héctor I. Astengo Foundation (Rosario), the Konex Foundation (Buenos Aires) and the Association of Musical Critics of Argentina, as well as distinctions awarded by public and private institutions from Argentina, Brazil, the United States of America, Spain, Germany, France and Britain. He was member of the international juries of the "Alberto Ginastera" competition in Buenos Aires, Madrid and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and the "Francisco Viñas" competition in Barcelona.

Guillermo Scarabino holds chairs at Argentina’s academies of Ceremonial and Fine Arts.